It Follows


It Follows is a horror film about the anxiety of teen sex. A souless sexually transmitted disease that chases a person looking to kill. It’s a conflict that can only be fought by the teenagers. The parents are barely in the film as they are only shown as part of the background. When Jay is in peril, her friends come to her for help but her mother doesn’t show up at all but is oblivious to the situation. The parents can’t seem to understand how scared the teens are of losing their virginity to only be followed for the rest of their lives (in the case of this film).

The film as a whole pays a lot of tribute to classic horror films as they are constantly watching the movies as they hang out. It Follows pays major tribute to the film, Jaws. It opens up to a scared female running from the evil entity like how Jaws shows a female in the opening killed by the creature. The group goes out to a pool to lure the entity as a goal to kill it as the men from Jaws do the same as they get a boat to kill the shark. The film shows that when Jay is in a body of water, it seems that they are in danger.

The film also has a lot of use of open water. Jay has her small above ground pool which is seen as her comfort zone. It changes when she goes out to the lake where she swims out to a boat of three men to have sex with them. The above ground pool is then shown to be destroyed which means that her comfort zone and innocence is gone as well. Even in the final act, Jay is a pool of water like bait waiting for the entity to come to catch her.


It Follows

It Follows


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